Friday, November 27, 2009

my favorite thing

Are you Arizonans jealous?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

sunday extravaganza

Each Sunday we like to make an extra special dinner, every Friday night or a text Saturday morning, I give Mike the big questions of what's for dinnner on Sunday. He has a great imagination of new and creative meal ideas.
This Sundays request was, Cheescake Factory avacado egg rolls and shrimp tacos. So, I searched the web for the copycat recipe of the egg rolls and voila! here is dinner!

Everyone must try this. It is a little time consuming,but so worth it. The sauce is what makes it! and you can't complain about shrimp tacos,

This is the aftermath..... I guess we liked it.

And the finale was, chocolate peanut butter shakes!mmmm
I wonder what we'll have next week?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

we had a great Halloween! we went to our wards trunk or treat and then to a friends party. the kids loved every minute of it and loved eating their candy.

Rocco was a pirate, his mustache was itching him and I told him to stop it scratching it. He then said"there is ants on my chin and it makes me itchy" This kid cracks me up every day and he has so many funny things to say.

My little fairy was so cute. We put some mascara on and blush and some sparkly eyeshadow and some red lips! She loved getting her makeup on and when I told her to show mike her makeup, she puckered her lips. She is a girl after my heart,she likes makeup!

Hope next year is just as fun!