Sunday, February 22, 2009

I did my usual grocery shopping yesterday,but while I was their I forgot some buns for our pulled pork yumminess for tonight. We had the adult session of Stake conference last night so we went to eat before it started and then enjoyed the meeting,(well,kinda I feel more confused ,if anything) but anyway,we ran to the store on our way home for the buns,while in the bread isle I saw all the...... donuts! Especially the powdered ones!If there was one guilty pleasure of food that I could eat and not feel guilty about, it would be donuts,long johns,boston cream,powdered,those chocolate dipped ones that leave a film in your mouth and taste like plastic,but are still so good.don't forget glazed from krispy creme,fresh from the conveor belt.mmmmm,can you taste it now. I can't tell you the last time I had a donut,because I know that are so bad for you, and I don't want the guilt. I will dream about them though! I did walk by the donuts and have my mouth water a bit, but kept on walkin.
If you could eat anything without feeling bad,or should I say, without adding the lbs , what would it be?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

cookie tag and Valentines day

A while back,Niki tagged all of those who read her blog to make her cookies and document when we made our own and put it on our blog. Well the timing worked that I need cookies for valentines day,so we had a double whammy of a post.

Junior baker,Mom sent this apron for Rocs and he just loves it.

getting busy!

makin oat flour

Lots and lots os chocolate chips

more chocolate chips

and more

get all warm and delicious

finished product

the delivery, in our valentines get up

double trouble

The valentines cupids delivered cookies to daddy at work. we put the cookies on sticks and made some heart shaped rice krispy treats. I think is was a hit. Hope you all are having a day full of love xoxoxox

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My divine Role

Today our lesson was about having good skills and most importantly, cherishing our role as a mother. I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom. It is by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I love waking up to ,my babies every day and they always wake up with a smile.They love you in spite of all your weaknesses and to them, they know no weakness. My children are my joy and the reason I have so much happiness in my life.
Rocco has this ritual,everytime we put him down for nap or bedtime,he is in his bed for only a few seconds, comes out and Says"rub my back". When you go in there and put him back under the covers,we rub his back and then he rolls over and lifts his shirt for his tummy to be rubbed.If your hands are cold he asks to be rubbed on top of his shirt. If your lucky he then asks for you to sing "twinke star". Well he sometimes he will wake up at 2am and need the same ritual done. To be woken up out of a deep sleep and be asked to sing"twinkle star"it can be difficult.Sometimes I get frustrated and just try to convince him to go back to bed. Well,just today he does this when it is nap time and I said"rocs,just go to sleep ,you are a big boy" Mike say what does it matter, in just a few years you will be wishing he would ask you this. I just said the same thing to my sisters,I don't want this to bug me,I want to cherish it. I want to keep him little forever,I want to scoop him in my arms and just squeeze him and he giggle cause it is so fun. Soon, he will be silly when I want a kiss, because he is big.
I vow today, to be happy to rub that little back and tummy and sing "twinkle star" when the time arises.

I am so happy I married this man,so I had the opportunity to become a mother
Families can be together forever

Smiles for days

Fun times from the simpliest of things