Sunday, March 13, 2011

What the.......

So some of you may be wondering what that last post was all about. If anyone reads my blog anymore, cause i havent blogged in forever and Mike has done the last 2 posts. Anyway in December Mike interviewed for the Director of Transportation position in Spring Tx.

Wait a minute, let be back up a bit. I have longed to be by family, for the past 6 1/ 2 years I havent lived by family. I have prayed for a way to be by family, fully knowing that we wouldnt make it back to AZ any time soon. So in November Mike has this offer to interview for a position in Spring , Tx. We talked about it and I said "where the heck is that". He informs me its a suburb of Houston. Well my sis Niki and her family went to Houston last summer for work. When I heard about the position for us in Spring, this overwhelming feeling of peace came over me. Why? I am a person who dosent like change, Im getting further away from family moving to Tx, and Rocco will be in school this year, which makes traveling even harded. But, I couldn't resist the feeling that we should go there.. So the process of interview came in December, I was on pins and needles and Mike had worked soooooo hard to perfect his interviewing skills.

As a side note:Back a couple of years ago, when we got the job to Bakersfield, Mike called me and said"pack your bags baby we are goin to Bakersfield!"so the next day after his Tx interview I got a call from him and he said"pack your bags baby we are going to Spring!" My eyes welled with tears, I was so proud of him , he worked so hard to do good, and it payed off!!! I couldve grabbed him thru the phone and gave him a huge kiss !

Thus began this journey. We got our house listed, first day on the market we get an offer,by the end of the week and doing the countering, the offer was accepted!! I was in shock, I was certain it wouldnt sell in this market. From then on we have had blessing after blessing!!! This move has gone so smooth. The railroad has been so generous and I am amazed with how they have helped us through this process. Flash forward a couple weeks and we pull out of the driveway in Bakersfield, semi loaded, on Feb 11th. I arrive in Mesa on Feb 12th and Mike couninued his drive to Spring. So for the last month I have had the wonderful oppportunity to spend time with my family. It was Heaven!!!! 2 weeks into my stay I flew out to Houston to house hunt. mind you that was with no kids,thanks family, we locked one down and we are currently in the process of closing. That is another post entirely.

So, I can truly say that my prayers have been answered!!! I have had prayers been answered before , but never so noticably like this move. Niki and Boyd and Evie will be here till September, and I cant even begin to thank My Heavenly Father for giving me the chance to live by a sister. Even if its only for 6 months, I will forever be humbled and grateful for the opportunity. The Lord answers yor prayers in ways you would never think, and this a true testament to me the He hears and answers our prayers!!!!

So here we are in this condo by the lake awaiting the day we get to move into our new house. I am super excited to be in our home and to make it ours. But, I cant help the feeling of missing all that is familiar and special. I loved Bakersfield!!!!! Let me emphazise that again, LOVED. It really is a pretty place and has everything you need , without it being super busy and crazy. But what made it so special was the people. I made friends that will forever impact my life. I realized that life can exist and go on without family right next door, and that your friends can become your surrogate family and help fulfill your life! I hope I can find that here in Tx, I have Niki and that is more than I could ever ask for!! but when she is gone, Im gonna need a buddy! someone to grocery shop with and be silly with and get Sees candy with and have girls night outs and random lunch dates and have kids play together. I pray for a friend and I hope I will be able to be just as happy to be here as I was in Bakersfield.

I know the power of prayer is real and with faith we are guided to do the things we need to do and be in the places we should be. I know my family is supposed to be in Tx right now and I hope I can do what is asked of me, in return for the blessings that have been poured out to my family.
I love my family and I am madly in love with my hubby. I am looking forward to this new adventure! I promise I will be a better blogger!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lake Conroe - Temporary Living

Our Home for the next 30 days...