Sunday, November 30, 2008

another sunday fun day

Sunday's are such lovely days. The tv is off and we spend time as a family. This was our day in pictures.

we had a fire

we jumped on the bed

bath time,it was so fun we have it up here twice

yummy dessert

more wrestling


making messes

family meal time

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I love to watch HGTV,most of the time I find shows that I love,for example ;House Hunters,Divine Design,Designed To Sell,My House Is Worth What?, Decorating cents ,just to name a few. But, I do have a bone to pick with the producers.Some of the shows are so dumb,I can do some better designs then these people. I think we should all ban together and get these shows off the air.

Hidden potential
The idea of the show is fun,but what is the point of not showing us the finished product.I would like the show if I could see there vision come to be

Color Correction
This woman can't design.Everything is so matchy matchy,and she just bugs me.I know you all feel that to.
Color Splash
Don't like his designs and he is just a bit much for me. To much bold graphic art.
What are your favorite HGTV shows?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Being a mother is by far the most rewarding and difficult thing I have ever had to do. My children are my greatest joys in life and yet so exhausting. How can this all be?
Lately I wonder where my little girl has gone,while we were on vacation she was a nightmare crying all the time , wouldn't let me sit down, tried to get away from me and then you put her down and that didn't make her happy and she would scream some more. I couldn't win. I felt defeated ,emotional ,frustrated, exhausted, sad. I didn't know what to do. She got another ear infection,which marks 2 post tubes. What is going on! Why all the problems?
We get home from vacation and she is a different baby, fun ,happy, so dang cute.Well,four days later here come the runny nose, and with that always comes cranky. So here we go again. I am at a loss. I am praying fervently each night,for an answer of what I need to do. I plead for patience, for help,anything! I finally get the impression to take her to the doctor. Not, really knowing exactly why I am taking her. On the phone with the office I am almost in tears,because I feel at such a loss and so bad for all the discomfort Presley is in. They get me scheduled for Fiday, so here we go, another appointment.
I tell the doctor with my shaky voice all the troubles we have been experiencing. He looks at me with concerned eyes and proceeds with the exam. Right ear... looks good. Left ear...... oh wow..... ooohhhh.... oh this ear is all backed up! Lets do some more tests. We head to the back to get her hearing checked. Left ear hearing is down. Not good. So,I say what do we do ,why is this happening after just having the tubes for 2 months. He explains to me that her pipes are just small. There is no way for the fluid to drain and the opening is still to small. So,he wants to go in and put 2 tubes in the left ear and remove her adnoids.What are adnoids? I guess they are part of your lymph system that helps all things drain. After a year of life you don't really need them anymore, because we have so many other lymphs that can take over and do the draining.
So, this is the recommendation,we need to make more room to allow for the fluid to be able to drain. I sigh silently,like maybe this is the answer,maybe We can have our baby back,maybe my sweet baby can feel better and not be so irratable.
I don't know what the outcome will be. But. I feel better knowing that something is wrong and I am not a crazy mother that dosen't know how to deal with her moody baby. I know she has a stubborn personality and part of this is coming out as she get older,but this is different. She has her good moments and the screaming is not all the time,but when you hear it you would know. I want her to feel better and to be able to happy and enjoy her life.
In the grand scheme of things this is not that big of a deal. and I know this. I thank the Lord for healthy chidren,because they are.This is fixable and we will be able to move forward. I would take her pain if I could. I would do anything for her,so hopefully this can all be part of steps toward a happier , healthier Presley.

On the other hand,I was able to get a ponytail on Presley. Her hair is getting thick in the back,but still not a whole lot on top.

I love you Presley and I am so thankful that you are ours. I want you to feel better,soon angel soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Black Sausage.....

Now, I don't really remember to much these days,so Mom forgive me if this is wrong,but... I didn't grow up where we had a big breakfeast all the time, I remember Saturdays and Sundays Mom made a nice breakfeast.But. school days we had cereal or eggo waffles or whatever was fast and easy. However Mike loves to have breakfeast,he loves bisquits and gravy, eggs and some kind of meat. So, not being used to making these kinds of things, I have learned to adapt and on Sundays and Mondays(Mike's days off) I try to make a nice breakfeast.
I am not very good at cooking sausge links. They are angry suckers, they splash grease on you and make a greasy mess everywhere.I tend to over cook them, in fear of them being raw. Which I have done that before too.
Anyway, I had to go out with the sister missionaries this morning, so Mike started cooking breakfeast,sausage links,which Rocco loves and eats gobs of. As mike started cooking them, he put them in a pot to boil, which I guess is the trick to fully cooked and then browing them in a pan, when they are boiling they turn kind of white, back to the story... Rocco sees these and yells out "daddy, I want black sausage" I started cracking up. He wanted black sausage because that is how they always look when I cook them. I looked over at Mike and we both laughed. Sorry Rocs they aren't supposed to be black.

Just a side note, Mike then says, are you gonna blog about this? Yes I do feel like this was a blog worthy moment.

Friday, November 14, 2008

another trip down

this is roccos picture taking skills,I found this on the camera and thought it was funny

On our way home we stopped at the Vans outlet and all got a pair of shoes.Mike and Rocs have the same an I couldn't resist a photo op. I want Rocco to wear an outfit just like Mike.I think father and son matching is irresistable

Our humble abode while camping. This is my kind of camping!I got to sleep on a real bed and have a bathroom and running water.

my boys!

one of Presley's possesd moments

Rocco and Kylee.Mikes brother's daughter.

One of her happy moments

While we were gone on our date,I came back and looked at our camera and saw all these sweet babies.

These kids are such great friends,I love these little girls as if they were my own. Lindsay does such a wonderful job with them and they are so special. .Love all guys for all your help and letting me and Mike feel young again.

well we made it back and had a great time.we had a whirl wind vacation.To Havasu,to Mesa,and back to Havasu, for some camping and quad riding. Presley was possesed the whole trip,crying,wouldn't let me sit down,but we survived and now she is fine that we are home.Rocs did good and had so much fun playing with his cousins. Mike and I got to be alone a couple of times this visit. We got to go to the temple together,we did sealings and happen to be in the same room we were sealed in,oooh isn't the neat. We went on a date and ate yummy food and then met up with everyone at a piano bar and listened to fun music. Unfortunately no pics of our date nights ,but here is what I got.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

happy halloween

Old mc collins had a farm ei ei oh, and on his farm he had a chicken, eiei oh with a cluck cluck here and cluck cluck there here a cluck there a cluck everywhere a cluck cluck.
ol Mc collins had a pig with an oink oink here and an oink oink there........
Here are my little farm animals.We had a fun Halloween the kids were happy and Presley kept her nose on the whole night,I think she liked the attention.