Sunday, October 31, 2010

last nights trunk or treat

Pres was a fifties"gell" aka girl, she loved it and thats probably an understatment. We borrowed one of my friends cyndi , daughters dance costumes and she thought she was beautiful,not cute, beautiful. I stood corrected .

she was running down a hill and I got this mid run, its perfect timing, but dark!

Secret agent man, didn't love his suitcase, however I thought it was funny! he originally wanted to be a fire breathing dragon, but I wasn't sure how to come up with that costume, so the next option was a secret agent like the backyardigans. I though he pulled it off great!

I love my little kiddos and they make all of these holidays so special.

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Preschool trunk or treat

secret agent man

this is rocs and his girlfriend, thats right I said girlfriend! Isabella loves rocco, she always wants to stand by him and she wanted, no insisted she ride in the same car as him on the way to the preschool pumpkin patch field trip. She is super cute and her mom dresses her really cute, so Im glad they think eachother are cute

checkin out the animals
group shot

Rocco is loving school and is so smart!!!! he loves to follow the rules and listen to the teachers. he is such a good boy and is alwways trying to do what is right! we love our Rocs

Thursday, September 23, 2010

late but worth the wait

So I constanly feel like I am doing catch up posts! whats the deal with that, I just cant get motivated to sit here while it takes forever for the pictures to upload and i can only do 3 at a time, but I'm here and we are updating!

I cannot tell you how exciting it is for me to have a relative that is somewhat close to me, Tara is now only 2 hours away and it is so refreshing to me to feel family close. A couple weeks ago Mike was going out of town and I called Tara up the day before and asked her if she wanted to come and have a sleepover. She Came and We had a great time! We just hung out here at the house, but it was so fun to have Scarlet and Pres play together. The minute Scarlet walked in the door they were off to presley's room to get tutus and heels.Pres is alwasys hangin out with Roccos friend, that she loved having a girl around. I just cant wait for them to be friends because I feel like they are so much a like, not to mention half their wardrobe is the same, because me and Tara shop at all the same stores and apparently have the same taste. Its funny , many pictures of Scarlet I see, I think "hey Presley has that but in a different color!" And I have had a couple people tell me they look like. Scarlet is so cute and says the cutest, funniest things. Tara, I will gladly take her for a couple of days aftere the baby if you will let me!!!! Tara and I have been best buddies since birth and I admire her so much! she is so driven!! when she was in high school she really wanted braces, so she took it upon herself to clean the orthos office so that, that could be the payment for her braces! Who as a teenager does that! She is so smart and reads all these books and is so knowledgeable. I learn so much from her. she is so kind and loving and a great mother and wife. Tara I love you and I hope you really know how excited I am to be so close to you. I look up to you so much and I am so lucky we share the same blood!!

Last week we went to Utah to go to the cabin and see grams and gramps! we had a great time!!! quad riding, hiking, eating, relaxing, Seeing Tarazan at Tuachan in St george! If you have never been to see a show there, I highly reccomend it. The setting is beautiful, outdoors against the red rocks! The kids loved it. Little mermaid and Grease are playing next year and I hope to be able to go to it again!

Hiking in Zion, a walking stick is a must! we did 2 1/2 miles, and Rocs walked the whole way without a complaint. We loved every minute of it

Gramps came with us and was so fun to have around! he is so wonderful to the kids and he is so active and vibrant at 82 years young!

Presleys little legs got tired, so we all took turns carrying her

Dont they look like they are posing for a prom picture!

This pretty little lady was right next to us when we were waiting to get out of the park. I thought it looked like she posed and puckered her lips and widened her eyes, she almost looks like she has eyelashes, thus the reason I am calling her a girl.

We rode down to the ice caves and had to do a timer family phot op!

Mike is such an amazing father, he is so patient and loving an truly enloys his children. he makes sure we always do fun things! he has been riding his bike to work for the past couple months and has lost almost 30 pounds!!!!!!!! he Looks HOT !!!!! I am so proud of him, he logs his calories daily and watches his portion size, he has done great and it really helps me to have anoher person on this weight loss train with me! I love him so much and I still have a pitter patter in my heart when he comes home from work.

Thank you Grams for always being so wondeful to us when we come and make a tornado of your life while we are there. You take such good care of us, and the kids love coming to see you! You have taken me into the family so willingly and I feel so special for that. We love you guys so much!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We had another birthday around here!Can you believe my first born is already 5! It makes me so sad to see how fast time goes, luckily I get to have him at home one more year before shipping him off to school. He has been anxiously awaiting his birthday since Pres had hers. He told me he could do whatever he wanted. He could put his feet on the table, no one could be mean to him, he didnt have to help set the table, he had it all figured out.

Rocs never sleeps with a shirt on anymore, it makes him sweaty, and Pres wants to be be like him some nites and not sleep with hers on!

Breakfeast was green cinamon rolls except for the exception of Presley wanting blue frosting

This was after church! most sundays we hang out in comfy clothes and since its summer I guess Rocs dosent wear shirts all day either!

He insisted on these poses, he was doing kung fu

The dessert request was brownies on the bottom, frosting, then caramel and a race car on top. You ask and you shall receive....... This is my meager attempt at makin him a ramp for the monter truck to drive off. I made homemade caramel and drizzled it on top, it was so rich you only needed a few bites

I love this picture, perfectly puffed cheeks

This was his pure joy! gotta love it

The long awaited pillow pet! he has seen this infomercial many times, I tell ya Nick jr does this so that the kids see it all the time and want it so bad they can hardly stand it. He informed me they are machine washable and they even close so tight you can fit your pajamas inside and go to grandmas house!

Rocco is such a special boy. He has such a desire to do what is right and loves to be cuddled and hugged. He is very smart and loves to do things right. He has a memory that is crazy!!! we were driving to a friends house for the second time and he knew exactly what street to turn down , just from going there one time before. I use that to my advantage sometimes, if I cant remember where I parked , or if I forgot to close the garage. He quotes lines from different infomercials, like pillow pets, but on another occasion I was telling Mike my sink was clogged in the bathroom and Rocs proceeded to tell us all we needed was a long thing you stick down the sink called a snake! He cracks us up daily! He has memorized his first article of faith and is working on the rest. He is so handsome and has the best smile and those little spaces in his teeth just melt my heart.
Rocco is such a good big brother and watches out very closely for Presley, during high school years we will all really appreciate that. I love being his momma and have loved the boy he is growing to be. He can now ride is bike too ,but that is another post coming.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

the trincess is 3

another year has come and gone and my sweet baby is getting to big!!!! Yesterday was Presleys birthday, of course being such a girlie girl all things revolved around pink, princess and tutus

We had to curl her hair, so she could wear her crown

We had to have pink minne pancakes

The crown stayed on all day, she calls it a crownd, is a must have accesory

She still thinks she is 2 and is trying to use being 2 to her advantage, when she dosent want to do something. "But I'm still 2 , I cant do that". I think she is to smart for her own good

She got all sorts of fun things this year and she loved all of it!
Presley is such a fun little girl, the new things she is into is givin kisses. She wll stop me from walking down the hall and say"wait I need to kiss you" on your arm or leg, or wherever she can reach. But, you must say thankyou, and if you dont, she tells you, you need to say it. Its pretty darn cute.
She has the best voice and says the funniest things. Princess= trincess, Wand= dwond, Brother= drotha, these are just to name a few.
She loves to read books to herself and will lay on the couch with her legs kicked up and read to herself out load, and she tells quite the stories, sometimes its seems to be in another language.
Presley has been praying for the past couple months to stay dry so she can go to dance class, and this happens every prayer, blessing the food prayer and all. Well this past monday she got to go. I think she was too nervous and she just stood there on her mark with her fingers in her mouth. By the end of class she said , but what about dance class. I told it was already over and that she didnt do it, she was so sad. So come this Monday we will see how she does
Since our last visit to Mesa she has grown a love for Party in the USA, by Miley cyrus, she loveeesss it and has the best moves to it. sings it everywhere, I otta get that on video, its a riot
She is roccos little shadow and loves to do everything he does, but can still do it all girlie
She brings our family so much joy! to see my kids be best friend is the most precious thing in this world. We love her so much and keeps us entertained daily. I love being her mom

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Weve been up to whole lot of everything

the kids love it when I wrap them up like this after the shower, they are pretty cute!

the best $4.50 I ever spent. This slip n slide has been tons of fun for the kids

Shes pouting bcause she couldnt do it

The beginning of the sommersault

he just learned how to do a good when, so he does them when the mood is right, while dancing, on the hard tile, on the slip n slide, hes a star!

and tonight we had company for dinner!

Happy sunday!