Monday, October 27, 2008

tagged again

kristy tagged me.the name of the game is to look in the 4 th folder of pics and the 4th picture and then explain it.

This was Halloween '06,we dressed up as Elvis and Prisiclla and went to a party,where you go to different people's houses for the different parts of the meal. Mike made is own outfit ,glued the sequens on and ironed on "the king" on his back. I wore heals that were so tall, that it hurt my feet so bad I didn't end up wearing them,the whole night.I had to make these little witch hats made from tortilla chips,so that they could float on the soup.It was so cute and we really had fun. I wish we had more fun parties to go to.We got invited to go to one this year,but for one reason or another we didn't go,but we always have the ward trunk or treat,yipee!

I tag niki,alli lindsay, mom have for that matter anyone who reads this post!

i've been tagged

2-7 random facts about me

1. I hate scary movies! I have only recently come to this apifany. I used to like them till the last scary movie I saw was "The Ring" The day I saw this in the theater there was a girl dressed up and at the end of the movie she stood around all scary like and hauntingly.I hated that feeling I had and vowed never to see a scary movie again.It is not fun to lay in bed all night and be all worried about the noises you hear,so to avoid this,no scary movies for me

2. I have a real pet peeve for girls who work out with their hair down. Can you really get your excerise on if you are constantly moving your hair around or it is bouncing in your face as you run. The thought of it sticking to your face as you sweat sounds unpleasant.

3. I am a terrible worrier! I'm sure you all know this by now,but it is grown since my children.I worry about everything,from peoples feelings to knowing if I am doing everything well in my life.You can't say something to me and say oh nevermind because I worry about what it could be and I create terrible scenarios.

4.I have a dish phobia.Dishes can't be hangin in the sink for to long because it makes me feel like things are so messy.Mike is often looking for his cups,and I snatch them up to fast and put them in the dishwasher. What can I say,I love a clean house

5.I love love love talking on the phone,I get so much done while I'm on the phone. It is my outlet,to the outside world.I love seeing a glimpse in to others peoples lives and I live through them.

6. somtimes I fell like I hold myself back,like I feel when I'm in a workout class and I'm feelin the energy I want say whoa yeah and do a little dance,but I get nervous what people will think,but if I had a buddy with me I wouldn't feel like that.Strength in numbers is my motto.

I tag Kristy,Kristen,tara

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trent Tomlinson

last night we went and saw a FREE concert,by Trent Tomlinson.It was fun to be outdoors and let the kids run aroud and not worrying who is crying.
My heart ached a little for Trent,he used to be kind a popular and now he is playing free shows in Bakersfield California,this is a sad day in his career!
The show was fun and he sounded pretty good,it probably sounded even better cuz it was free.

Thanks Trent,even though you said at the end of the show"thanks for spending your hard earned money to come and see me."Maybe he didn't get the memo.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

shakeing worked

we are back in working order,everything is a ok

testing 123

Blogger is acting up ,just checking to see if by adding a new post if he shakes it back in order

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm trying tp get ready for the season,it puts a smile on my face and I admit I have done a couple of drive bys on my own house to make sure it is cute,

Thanks Jami for posting this ispiration on your blog,I had to copy
and niki I might copy you and add a big "c" on this,that will probably finish it off
he needs help, what should I do?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Where's your PeePee?

I've been trying to teach Rocco how to be more independent,so when he is in the tub or shower I tell him what body parts he needs to wash.He thinks he is so big and won't let me even get near the soap.So tonight it was getting late, he still neeed a shower and so did I ,so I decided that we would cut some time and do it together,which I really don't do anymore, but that is what happened tonight. As we started the washing process he would tell me what body parts to wash, while he washed his own.He said "wash your bum, wash your peepee, .........mama I can't find your peepee." I didn't know what to say,I just patted him on the head and said"it's okay honey" I then turned around and laughed.Needless to say I think the time has come that we don't shower together anymore!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunday night Splurge

Sunday is definately fun day for us at the Collins house.With dieting all week,you have to have a reward we think all week what we want on Sunday and go all out,with Soda,fattening dinner,and dessert.I think I can handle another week of salads and counting my calories,if I can look forward to my yummy sunday.This meal happens to be my favorite,mmmm I can tastse it now, tacolatas,spanish rice,which had a very similar flavor to El Charro's yum yum ! And with fall here lets bring in the pumpkin.pumpkin cookies to be exact.It was a day full of food and I can't wait till this Sunday,I'm thinking something chocaltey. What's your favorite splurge item?

this is tastey, cherry limeade flavor
the egg on top makes this oh so tasty,don't knock it till you try it
this got it's name from a cross between tacos and enchiladas=tacolada, a sweet enchilada sauce and some corn tortillas,taco meat and a fried egg on top as the crowning glory.A little bit of heaven.
cream cheese frosting,yummy with the cookie,should be up top ,but couldn't figure out how to move it,you get the point

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where have I been?

I have been having a busy couple of weeks with seeing family and it has all been amazing.
We went to visit Mike's aunt in oroville ,ca,we went to Mesa to visit my family and then on the way home from Mesa I picked up Mike's mom in Havasu for a few funfilled days with us in good ol Bakersfield.
I love to go and visit my family, it is therapy for me.I know I talk to them daily, but it not the same as being there.We have so much fun,even doing nothing.We have a hard time getting started sometimes and we sit around saying "what do you want to do?" we do this for hours until sometimes it's to late to do anyhting.But.I love it!
I want my family to know how special they are to me,
Mom, I only hope to be the mother you are to me.You are my best friend and I am amazed of all you do.From the moment you wake up in the moring till it is time for bed ,you are constantly doing something and most of the time it is for others.You are selfless and truly Christ like. I love you and am so blessed to be your daughter.

Lindsay, being the oldest,I have always looked up to you. I think what ever you say is golden.I often think when I am here at home,"what would Linds do?"You have a knack for decorating, that I only wish I had an ounce of,you are patient and loving and so forgiving.That night we went for Indian food and you were finding some info on India for Liv to learn about,I was so impressed by that and truly I don't think I would ever think to do something so fun.I want to be able to do things like this for my kids when they get older, you are always doing something fun and I admire that so much.

Niki, you are truly an inspiration!there are times when you could be defeated with all that you have to go through with your diabetes,and never have you let it become you,it is part of you not all of you or it is not what defines you and you are truly overcoming it.You are confident and beautiful.Your beautiful long hair is stunning and your fashion sense is something I do not have.I wish you could teach me.Your testimony helps mine grow and I love to hear you bear it,I become stronger from you words.

Alli, oh little Alli, don't you feel like we are kinda the same.I know we joke a lot about us being the middle children.(mom,don't get mad we are joking)I feel like we are the same somtimes.We have the same kind of humor,and we think the same about things.You are beautiful, you have such a cute little body and I can't believe how good you look after just having a baby,it's sickening.Easton is so lucky to have you,you are so cute to him,always kissing him and singing to him.Your voice is like angels and I have always thought this.It is soothing and so sweet.I love to talk with you and to be your friend.I would do anything for you.You are always so funny,and this is a talent! it is contagious and I just love being with you.

Lexi,sexy Lexi! This is true, you are amazingly beautiful.amazingly talented.Anything you set your mind to, you do and you suceed far beyond what is possible.I know I already told you this,but I tear up when I see you perform.It is the strangest thing,my eyes well up with tears and I get goose bumps.I am so proud of and I stand in awe of how hard you work and how you are so good.Academically,physically ,vocally , are the best.You are stunning,the man you are going to marry is lucky ,you are the greatest.I learn so much from you.I haven't met many people who have such dedication, I mean you cheer all day and then later you still go running,please rub off on me,be my personal trainer. I love you and I want you to know I am hear for you always.

As I sit here and write this,I am filled with tears.I am overflowing with love for my family and I am greatful for being a a part of something so wonderful.Love you Family xoxoxox
Here are some pics from our travels. When I post pictures they only show up as words on my page I am writing on ,so it is hard for me to add coments on each picture.Anyone know how to fix this?