Friday, February 12, 2010


It's 8:25 and the kids are already asleep! no naps makes for a magically wonderful early bedtime, love naps,but, sometimes love early bed time too, it's a trade off!

Started off the morning with a personal training session at the gym,which was complimentary, so I thought I would give it a whirl. Thought I was in good shape (I can run for some long distances) umm, guess again, not so much, I was a little embarresed by how quickly I was tired out and how running and cardio dosen't make you strong. Then I did some leg lifts in which he touched my leg to show my where they should be, ooopppsss, hadn't shaved my legs in 3 days and I have dark hair,so I'm sure he was grossed out. Then,I got called to the child care to take Pres potty, he rolls his eyes! I'm not scoring points! Then when we are done, he tries to sign me up , tells me I need to get my priorites straight and see if my health is that important, ummm,it is,but I can't afford $330 /month!
I leave feeling like a I had a good workout , but, in his eyes, I'm a hairy, weak, cheap, lazy, mom, who dosen't have her priorities straight.

Then off to the mall with Jess, we hit up old navy and I scored! Kids Easter outfits... check. 4 shirts for $13... check. free perfume at Victorias Secret...check... free 10 day sample powder at bare minerals w/ brush... check= good day at the mall!

Then home, finally got a shower, blow dry my hair, (now I know why in movies girls can't go out sometimes, cuz they are washing their hair, I feel like it is such a chore and I have to schedule it).Get all excited to make my Amish friendship bread that I had been painstackingly massageing for ten days. Pour it in to my bread pan,put it in the oven. 50 min later...smelling the delicious cinnamon goodness, I realized I forgot to add one whole cup of oil!!!!!! Are you kidding me, my hard work and anticipation, ruined! Now I have a brick! At least I can keep one of my starter doughs and try again!

There is always tomorrow!