Friday, December 23, 2011

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Dance Recital


Brotherly Love

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Discharged and Liking It

Mama and Daphney have departed their environment of sterility that is sometimes slathered with the occasional staff infection. Ahhhh, home!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Done Deal -->

7 lbs

20 inches

born 6:18 by emergency c section after 12 hours of trying. baby was face up. Mama and Daphne are doing well, recovering...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dirt Bikin

Thursday, September 1, 2011


so this post has been a long time in coming. Sometimes when its all clean, I just dont think to take pictures, but here is the house during the reno back in April. This house was built in '05, it had sat vacant for 2 years and needed some love and love it got!!! We are comfortable here in the new house and I feel like we have made a nice home! We are happy!

loft area

Guest bath


Master bath

master bedroom looking intto mater bath

same thing as above, just more bathroom

other view of the loft


There was these orange looking tiles all throughout the house. They werent in terrible shape, just not our taste

dinning room

front entry

living room looking into family room

front of house


Mike has worked so hard to get our grass to looking this good, tons of watering and he mows for an hours at a time. The front yard is so big and it is lots of work, he comes in so sweaty and Im so lucky to get his sweaty shrit thrown at me everytime. But, he does a great job, Im planning on doing some more planting, but waiting till it cools down a bit.

After leaving Bakersfield, I feel like I left a lot of storage behind. We had tons of closet space and pantry space and although this house is just slightly bigger, it doesnt nearly have all the storage, so we had to come up with an alternative.

This was the solution to all the toys that had been in our hall closet. Its working just fine!

guest bath, there is a door that leads to the guest bedroom from this bathroom and I dont have any pics of that room, because there is nothing exciting about it yet.

Roccos room, he made his bed this morning and layed all these toys out like this!

Presleys room

She has about 10 different animals to choose from each night before bed, but pillow pet and kangaroo are always her favs! This room will change once baby girl comes,they will share a room,that is after baby learns to sleep through the night.

Master bedroom. I decided last year to change all my bedding, but unfortunately all the decor hasnt changed with it, that will come eventually

In the little nook that is in the master bedroom

Nook , just across from the dresser

loft, the black table was our old kitchen table and I loved the idea of having a palce for coloring and homework, so we brought it up here and we have used it a lot. This is also the office area.

Stairway, needs pictures, but I dont know what yet, waiting for some inspiration

right off the front door and headed up the stairs

hall way off front door

dinning room off to the left is a half bath and garage door

kithchen, I want hardware for the cupboards and drawers and that will help it all tie in

We got a copper sink and we love it, it matches the granite perfectly with the specs of copper that are in it.

After this picture I reailzed the table wasnt centered and that has now been fixed.

Family room looking into kitchen

Family room

living room looking into family room

Living room

This is the view from the front door

I feel like I still have some adjusting to do to the area.It has been so HOT!!!! Worst drought in100 years and its just relentless! Im sure being prego doesnt help, but now that school has started and Im in the Primary Pres, there is lots to do to keep us busy. Im so glad I had Niki here for 6 months. She made the adjustment easier and it was so amazing to spend that much time with a sister and a niece. I miss them like crazy and wish they would come back!!! Niki is such an amazing mother and the love she has for Evie is so pure and precious. You can just tell by looking at her that she thinks Evie is so special, and Evie is, we wanted to keep her!!! I am so lucky to have such a talented family
, Niki helped decorate and Im so glad she was here, because Im sure pictures would still be leaning against the wall. There is still plenty to do in the house and as my taste evolves and changes it just makes me want to snap and change it all, but I am happy thus far!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

My sweet babies are school bound!!!! This is so weird to have 2 days a week for 3 hours at a time to have no kids and not have a babysitter to do that!!! we made it through the first week and Im telling you and its wearing me out! The kids come home poooped and so do I! It will get better, but this is all new for me!

Presley goes to Paddington British Private School and has to wear a uniform, its so cute!!She went in there and had no problems, she is growing up so fast!!!

Rocco is my big kindergartner!! Im so glad we made the decision to keep him back. He was so confident and not scared at all. He wouldve been the youngest in his class and now he is the oldest and it is such advantage. Im so proud of him. Not to be biased either, but he is the cutest and best dressed in his class!!!

Mike reminded me Im doing this school thing for like the next 20 years!!! Man that is forever!!!