Friday, August 26, 2011

My sweet babies are school bound!!!! This is so weird to have 2 days a week for 3 hours at a time to have no kids and not have a babysitter to do that!!! we made it through the first week and Im telling you and its wearing me out! The kids come home poooped and so do I! It will get better, but this is all new for me!

Presley goes to Paddington British Private School and has to wear a uniform, its so cute!!She went in there and had no problems, she is growing up so fast!!!

Rocco is my big kindergartner!! Im so glad we made the decision to keep him back. He was so confident and not scared at all. He wouldve been the youngest in his class and now he is the oldest and it is such advantage. Im so proud of him. Not to be biased either, but he is the cutest and best dressed in his class!!!

Mike reminded me Im doing this school thing for like the next 20 years!!! Man that is forever!!!

We went to Garner state park last week and went camping and swimming as a last hoorah before school started!! We had a fabulous time and hiked for a couple hours each day and then went swimming down at the agua fria. Which s not fria!!!

attempted family portrait on a rock that ended up slipping , hence the blurry pic as it started to slip

We went and saw 10 million bats leave their cave for the night to go get dinner. It was really cool to see.

Climbing out of crystal cave. It was nice and cool in there and a nice break from the heat.

I love being with my family , we have so much fun together!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Family Trip to Galveston

Restroom and shower on wheels, the only way to visit the Beach!

Rare moments of togetherness...

Boogie boarding, the new craze for Rocco