Thursday, September 23, 2010

late but worth the wait

So I constanly feel like I am doing catch up posts! whats the deal with that, I just cant get motivated to sit here while it takes forever for the pictures to upload and i can only do 3 at a time, but I'm here and we are updating!

I cannot tell you how exciting it is for me to have a relative that is somewhat close to me, Tara is now only 2 hours away and it is so refreshing to me to feel family close. A couple weeks ago Mike was going out of town and I called Tara up the day before and asked her if she wanted to come and have a sleepover. She Came and We had a great time! We just hung out here at the house, but it was so fun to have Scarlet and Pres play together. The minute Scarlet walked in the door they were off to presley's room to get tutus and heels.Pres is alwasys hangin out with Roccos friend, that she loved having a girl around. I just cant wait for them to be friends because I feel like they are so much a like, not to mention half their wardrobe is the same, because me and Tara shop at all the same stores and apparently have the same taste. Its funny , many pictures of Scarlet I see, I think "hey Presley has that but in a different color!" And I have had a couple people tell me they look like. Scarlet is so cute and says the cutest, funniest things. Tara, I will gladly take her for a couple of days aftere the baby if you will let me!!!! Tara and I have been best buddies since birth and I admire her so much! she is so driven!! when she was in high school she really wanted braces, so she took it upon herself to clean the orthos office so that, that could be the payment for her braces! Who as a teenager does that! She is so smart and reads all these books and is so knowledgeable. I learn so much from her. she is so kind and loving and a great mother and wife. Tara I love you and I hope you really know how excited I am to be so close to you. I look up to you so much and I am so lucky we share the same blood!!

Last week we went to Utah to go to the cabin and see grams and gramps! we had a great time!!! quad riding, hiking, eating, relaxing, Seeing Tarazan at Tuachan in St george! If you have never been to see a show there, I highly reccomend it. The setting is beautiful, outdoors against the red rocks! The kids loved it. Little mermaid and Grease are playing next year and I hope to be able to go to it again!

Hiking in Zion, a walking stick is a must! we did 2 1/2 miles, and Rocs walked the whole way without a complaint. We loved every minute of it

Gramps came with us and was so fun to have around! he is so wonderful to the kids and he is so active and vibrant at 82 years young!

Presleys little legs got tired, so we all took turns carrying her

Dont they look like they are posing for a prom picture!

This pretty little lady was right next to us when we were waiting to get out of the park. I thought it looked like she posed and puckered her lips and widened her eyes, she almost looks like she has eyelashes, thus the reason I am calling her a girl.

We rode down to the ice caves and had to do a timer family phot op!

Mike is such an amazing father, he is so patient and loving an truly enloys his children. he makes sure we always do fun things! he has been riding his bike to work for the past couple months and has lost almost 30 pounds!!!!!!!! he Looks HOT !!!!! I am so proud of him, he logs his calories daily and watches his portion size, he has done great and it really helps me to have anoher person on this weight loss train with me! I love him so much and I still have a pitter patter in my heart when he comes home from work.

Thank you Grams for always being so wondeful to us when we come and make a tornado of your life while we are there. You take such good care of us, and the kids love coming to see you! You have taken me into the family so willingly and I feel so special for that. We love you guys so much!!!!