Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Concept conceived entirely by the 4 year old mind and executed likewise:

Try #1

Try #2

Monday, January 25, 2010

7 years and going strong

7 years ago he stole my heart! and he still has it, and will for eternity. I love you Mikey!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

in a nut shell!

so, I know I know i haven't blogged in forever, I've been busy having so much fun! There has been so much going on this holiday season, I don't seem to have the energy to put into my own blog. I have so many thing to talk about , so I figured I would let the pics do the talking. These are in no particular order, but I'm sure you'll get the point

This past Tuesaday, my family decided to make a trip toDisneyland. They all flew in and we drove and met them there. We had a 3 full days at the happiest place on earth. Let me tell you, it really was , I 'm not sure who had more fun, me ..or the kids, I'm already having withdrawls.
The kids loved the carousel, That was probably Presley's favorite.This little Avrey is so sweet, her little tiny body, makes her that much sweeter, she is a zippy little thing, she can run so fast and she just melts your heart. Her big eyes and that long beautiful hair, is to die for! She is a good girl and is always willing to share with my kids when we are in town. She likes to take care of Presley and is a little mommy already.

Gotta stop and Pose with the characters

This picture takes the cake of them all. The pure love in a grandmommy's eyes for her little grandbabies.

she's so nice, she's on here twice

our little Easton boy, is boy through and through! he loves cars and has loved them at a really early age. He talks so good and so clear, and he is just barely 18 months, you really understands what he wants. He is funny and friendly and a little explorer. He loves his milk and to play with his belly button while drinking it, it soothes him! I could eat him up!

The oldest of the grandbabies, Livvy Lu. Being the first niece on the crum side,she got a lot of attention. I remember coming home from work and wanting to rush over to Lindsay's to love on this angel. I always thought she kind of looked like me, I definately have a soft spot for her. She is smart and creative and can think of the best names for her toys. I ask Presley what we should name her baby and she says"baby". Livvy on the other hand thinks of names for her kitty and it's "meowma". Are you kidding me, Not even I could think of that.she is beautiful and such a good big sister

My little Rocs, he was absolutely amazing on this trip, he was an angel and loved every minute of it. He complained a few times"it's just so hard to wait" for all the rides, but he really is growing up and he is so fun! He went on Tower of terror with Spencer! I was shocked, he didn't want to go on it again,but was rewarded from uncle Spencer with some cotton candy

Could you just die over this sweeteness. Evie and Baron,are just 3 days apart.They are such good babies and never fuss. I couln't hold them enough, while at disneyland, I actually thought about how I could take them home with me. They are smiling now and it just melts your heart.

The parade at both parks were darling and the kids danced and smiled and loved it!

Pesley is a dancin machine, she can get low! she is a spit fire and gives me a run for my money, Mikes says it's a good thing, he's say the boys won't walk all over her when she's older. I guess we'll see

Bugs Life movie! Presley cried and nuzzled her face into my chest, but Rocs loved it!

They could be siblings

They were doing a fly by, I tried to get an action shot

Lexi is the best! she is a great Auntie to all the kids! I love spending time with her and wish some of her amazingness would rub off on me.

They really love each other. Disneyland was truly magical and I am so happy we got to go. The only thing that would have made it even better was, if Mike was there! He was off working in Texas, And we surely missed him

Before we went to Disneyland Mike and Rocco went on the anual father and son trip to the Cabin. Mike said he loved the snow this year , he would have to tell Rocs that it is was time to come inside. In years past he was cold and wouldn't really play in the snow

His first snow angel

My most favorite men

I think he is getting braver than me, when it comes to sledding

This wraps up our adventures for now!