Sunday, May 30, 2010

We've got a budding artist on our hands. He loves to color and those markers that only color on the special paper have kept him entertainted for hours. His imaginaton is growing and he is constantly thinking up new things, I heard him try and strike up a deal with Presley tonight, that he would give her , her pillow back if she would trade spots with him. I thought that was funny . Speaking of imaginations, when he was pretending to be an alien, remember that, well we got sent to ucla to an ENT specialist to check his ear. He definately has a whole in his eardrum and has mild/ moderate hearing loss . They are giving him another 6 weeks to see if the hole will heal on its own and if that dosent work, then surgery will be necessary to graft the hole shut. Man, all because he wanted to be an alien.
Anyway while we were at stake conference a couple weeks back, we took a stack of paper to let the kids draw and stay busy. I asked him what all his drawings were and this is word for word what he told me, i was fairly impressed

This is a shark, I had written the answers on top of the paper, but they didnt scan that dark.

This is Tyrone from the backyardigans, which by the way has got to be one of the best cartoons, and who do you think are behind those awsome voices, do you think they are kids?


A pig spider

Turtle family

Wammer hammer doll, I think this idea came from wubzy

Pablo from the backyardigans, the funny thing is I was watching the show the other day and I can totally see why he drew his hat like that. I love how his little mind works


Live D's. Lots of his drawings turn into "live" something. He drew a candle and then added eyes and a mouth, theerfore it became a live candle. He just kills me!


constaltion. I dont know where he even learned that word, but he is using it appropriately according to his drawing.
Lately Mother hood has been very challenging for me. Presley has all of a sudden decided she didnt want to pee on the potty and she pees her pants 5-7 times a day. It was really taking a toll on me. I felt defeated , like a failure, crazy, and at my whits end. That had been going on for weeks, like 7 to be exact and i couldnt and still cant figure out the problem. On Monday she was sitting on my lap and totally just peeded on ME! She didnt get antsy or start to move around or anything, the flood gates just came open and there was pee all over me. That was when I started to be mad. I know she knows how to do it and thats the most frustrating part of it all. Come Wednesday I had a complete break down, because I was so frustrated, my poor kids couldnt figure out what the heck was wrong with me. We had to go into the beauty supply store and I totally have a tear stained face and my patience is thin. I keep trying to coral the kids and keep them from touching everything and I may or may not have had the most loving tone of voice, and then Rocs says"why are you being so mean to us", it broke my heart to pieces. That moment, I decided I can't keep feeling like this and I had to get a grip! I pleaded with the Lord for patience, because obviously a 2 year old peein her pants is makin me freak out, I didnt have much. So I reverted back to potty training her and for the past 3 days she hasnt had an accident. I told her if she stayed dry for a week we would take her to "the regular dance class"(thats what she keeps calling it, I'm not sure why , but it's funny)I have felt a renewed love for my kids and motherood in general. I just smile when I look at them and I think they are so funny.I never knew such little kids would've been able to cause me so much frustration, but they do, and then you step away from the problem take a deep breath and try it again. Good thing we love them endlessly and they love us just the same. If any of you mothers have encountered this I am very much open for advice. She has been potty trained since Nov. she couldve possibly had a UTI, which from researching, could very well be the cause, but any advice would greatly helped. I love my children so much and even in the midst of the tears of my frustration, thier sweet concern for me is so precious. I love being the mama to my kidos!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

monday funday

this is how rocs left the house today, we went out to lunch and he insisted he needed the knee pads for his protectin incase he fell. I guess he was damaged from pretending "I 'm am alien" while having Qtips in each ear and running into the wall, followed by a loud sream, cuz blood was coming out of his ear. We don't know the extent of the damage to his ear yet, but he isnt acting like he is in pain, we went to the dr and he is on drops till wed, till the swelling goes down. I hope and pray there is no permenant damage. Kids do the craziest things

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ode to mother

Never did I know how much my mother loved me , till I became a mother myself
Motherhood is the most difficult, challenging, exhausting, job I have ever had, but it is the most rewarding, precious, priceless, amazing, experience I will ever have. Nothing is so pure than the love we as mothers have for our children.
Which brings me to understand how much my mom loves me. And i too love her more so much.
Mom, I love you , you are such a great example to me. You have been through so much and i stand amazed at the strength you do it all with, most would put there head in the sand , but you have stayed strong, with your head held high, holding strong to the gospel. I gained my testimony at a young age, because you taught all us girls how to live the gospel. You were so fun to be with when we were young teenagers , always having a home atmosphere for us to bring our friends too, that they truly enjoyed being around. Still to this very day our friends come over to talk to you, even if none of us are there.
As I am a mother now, I truly understand how hard you worked to keep us happy and healthy. It is tireless work and you did and are doing it daily with such wonder. I cherish our time together when I get to come home and I love to talk to you on the phone daily. Our relationship now that I am a grown adult and mother is precious to me. I truly truly enjoy you and my sisters company . I dont love you just because we are family, I love you because you are beautiful, patient, understanding, a counselor, wise, a good listener, funny, silly, u can make any situation fun, you can make up the best names for everything, give the greatest advice, non-judgmental. I love you , because you are you and we are an eternal family. Thankyou thankyou.

Without you, I wouldnt have these kiddos, that are the light of my life.I love being a mother!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

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