Sunday, October 31, 2010

last nights trunk or treat

Pres was a fifties"gell" aka girl, she loved it and thats probably an understatment. We borrowed one of my friends cyndi , daughters dance costumes and she thought she was beautiful,not cute, beautiful. I stood corrected .

she was running down a hill and I got this mid run, its perfect timing, but dark!

Secret agent man, didn't love his suitcase, however I thought it was funny! he originally wanted to be a fire breathing dragon, but I wasn't sure how to come up with that costume, so the next option was a secret agent like the backyardigans. I though he pulled it off great!

I love my little kiddos and they make all of these holidays so special.

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Preschool trunk or treat

secret agent man

this is rocs and his girlfriend, thats right I said girlfriend! Isabella loves rocco, she always wants to stand by him and she wanted, no insisted she ride in the same car as him on the way to the preschool pumpkin patch field trip. She is super cute and her mom dresses her really cute, so Im glad they think eachother are cute

checkin out the animals
group shot

Rocco is loving school and is so smart!!!! he loves to follow the rules and listen to the teachers. he is such a good boy and is alwways trying to do what is right! we love our Rocs