Saturday, September 26, 2009

Funny thought

I was driving home from the grocery store, and the kids in the neighborhood were having a lemonade stand. The dad was outside watching them and it was just a cute little sight. I purchased my lemonade and a brownie for $1.not cuz I really wanted or needed it, but I wanted the kids to reap some rewards for there efforts.

Now I'm home and I got to thinking how I could make some money, What If I stood on the corner with a sign that said" waxing and facials, Brows $10, Facials $40" Do you think I would get some new clients. I could have my table set up and everything all outside. Hmmmmm.... Interesting, this could go somewhere!

There may be something said about going back to the enterpenuerly skills of a child.

I'm laughing as I think of this what a funny sight!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


there was a pile of clothes sitting on the fireplace. Their was a couple pairs of shoes and jammies and I mentioned,"Rocs ,you are getting quite a pile of stuff", well, Rocco comes walking over and scoops up all his things,and goes and puts them away.Can you BELIEVE IT!!!I was schocked! I said ,oh my gosh Rocs you are so awesome!I can't believe that you did this. I said I totally have to blog about this. Well, I haven't heard the end of it, Rocs keeps asking me to blog about what he did with his clothes. So here we are. My good little son has become a great helper.
But, I'm going to need all of your help. If everyone could leave a brief comment about how great Rocco did,maybe(I'm crossing my fingers) just maybe, this will create a domino effect, and he will start cleaning up all his stuff.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Those Moments

I was just flipping through the channels last night and landed on VH1 and stopped for a few minutes. I found myself watching Antonio Sabato, trying to find his one true love through the most ridiculous dating show ever made.
Well on this particular episode the girls had to perform a Hawaiian hula dance to tell a story of why they wanted this man, they don't even know. Anyway, the locals then interrperted the dance and what the story meant through their hula and then told Antonio .
Can I just tell you I was so embarrased to watch this,what fools they were making of themselves . I literally had to close my eyes and and cower my head of how dunb I felt for them.
I couldve run out of the room and screamed at those girls and told them to stop!.
Sometimes I just can't handle how embaressed I feel for people.
Does anyone else get this way or am I weird?

Monday, September 7, 2009

life thru pictures

Be prepared for lots of pictures,this is what our life has been about.

Presley loved all her presents,her joy is so precious

gotta love it

They do love to fight, but every now and again there is tenderness

We went to the cabin 2 weeks ago and rode the quads,I love how the kids are all helmet

life is better with a little marshmellow on your lip

We went to the Manti temple,and it is now my favorite temple. I reccomend trying to go if your ever even near it. The town is tiny ,but you have this amazing temple. The grounds are beautiful with so much grass it is crazy. the kids loved running around and running up the hills

Bryce Canyon


Rocco caught 6 fish and reeled them in all by himself

watching the fountains at the Bellagio,