Saturday, August 30, 2008

any takers?

I have this cute secretary if anyone is intersted.I thought I would see if anyone wanted it before I took it to goodwill. I just painted it and distressed , it needs a good home

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Would I?

So on Sunday there was a talk given about being converted. He began telling us a story of when he was on his mission. He was teaching this man for several weeks, he was very responisive and loved having the missionaries come over.He took all the discussions and was presented the baptismal commiment, he said he was ready, but he was told he had to go church and be consecutive.Week after week he didn't show up. The missionaries were really frustrated and decided to tell him that they could no longer teach him if he was not willing to come to church. He replied that he really wanted to come, and wanted one more chance.So the missionaries agreed and waited till the next Sunday. Where he served his mission in Portugal not very many people had cars, so evryone took a motorized bike with a basket on the side to carry passangers.It cost a couple of pesos to get to the church,which in an equivalent of 10-20 cents.So they thought it would be so easy to get this man to come to church.AS the missionaries stood outside that Sunday and waited for this man to arrive,and then he told us that this man had no use of his legs, they stood there being so dissapointed that he wasn't coming.They go to walk into the chapel and give one last look.With there final glance they find this man crawling on his hand and knees the 2 miles it took to get the church.
My eyes welled with tears,the strength that this man had was so undeniable.I then had to ask myself"would I crawl to church?" I have been so blessed to have the knowledge all my life and have never really had to sruggle with my faith.I know it's true I believe it with all of my soul,and I believe in the plan of savation and eternal families. I don't think that we have to be only converted from being a non-member.We need to be converted daily. We should realize how lucky we are, and that we don't have to search.We have have it.I am greatful for my faith an my testimony.I hope if the time ever came that I had no use of my legs, that I would crawl to church.

Friday, August 22, 2008

happy birthday rocs

3 years ago today was one of the most special days of our lives.My sweet little Rocs entered this world and has brought me so much joy.He is so much fun and says funny things all the time.It has been so fascinating to watch him grow and learn and become a walking talking, happy little boy.He loves to be a big brother, he pushes Presley along and tries to make her do stuff,when she cries he says"shhh,shhh,shhhh, it's ok I'm right hear"he loves to pick her up, and play ball with her.He constanly amazes me with the things he says.One day he found someone's buisness card on the ground and handed it to me and said"here mama,debit card".One day he was eating a box and said"mmmm, seaweed" where does he come up with this stuff.He loves to talk and to be silly.he brings us so much happiness and laughter, and I love having a boy, they certainly are different from girls right from the beginning.Happy Birthday my baby boy,we love you.

this is not my boob,it's my shoulder!! i know you were thinking it was

Sunday, August 17, 2008

prayers...pass it on

My sisters good friend Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a terrible plane crash late last night.They are going to have a hard and painful recovery and are in definate need of your prayers.We are trying to get all to gather as one and put forth our efforts in behalf of them.Please keep them in your prayers and ask the Lord for his watchful eye over them.
Stephanie is a dear friend to Lindsay,when I was at lindsay's house a few weeks ago, I picked up a card that Stephanie had written to her.She was expressing her love and thoughts to linds about the 4 year anniversary of my dads death. I was so touched and realized how special she is.
I have faith in the lord and know that he hears our prayers.
To learn more about her viist her blog

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One year older and wiser too!Happy Birthday to, you

from the moment I wanted to have another baby,I wanted to have a girl,they came so naturally and I knew girls best.For the first 5 months of being pregnant I threw up every day.I felt awful and I really struggled each day,after the sickness wore off I was really able to enjoy my pregnancy.I love feeling the baby move and feeling the kicks that are so big you see them from the outside.We decided that we wanted to induce preganacy so that Mike could be off for a week, with vacation. We went in at 4am on Aug 13th and started the process.I had my epidural early on, so by the time I was ready to push, I was still numb to the pain, but I could still feel.This was the most incredible feeling to feel her come out of me and see her for the first time.They layed her on my tummy and she was so alert.She wanted to see the world.That night in the hospital was so strange to have another baby, but so wonderful. We took her home and she was just an angel.She would wake to eat and then go back to sleep.When she was about 6 weeks old we decided to move here to Bakersfield.That is when the ear infections started, one day I was feeding her and saw crusty stuff coming out of her ear,I called the dr and they said bring her in right away.Sure enough,her ear drum had burst,and it was so sad. Every month after that she got another one.But when she wasn't with an ear infection,she was such a good baby.Now they have seemed to tapper off and she is so fun.She is so smiley and so easy to love.Her new skills these days are saying"uh-oh, mama,woah", she can wave ,jump,clap,dance,and best of all, she can fall asleep on her own.She is so close to walking I am sure it will be happening any day.I love getting her up in the morning, because she has such a big smile on her face,I miss her, so it it is fun to hold her and squeeze her.I love being a mother,it is my greatest calling.I know I have shortcomings,but I try to be better every day.I hope that I am half as good of a mom as my own mother.Happy Birthday Presley

This is the night before I had her,it's crazy that she was once was in there

Friday, August 8, 2008

funny story

Do you ever feel like the missionaries sometimes pick out a family and call on them all the time, I do, and we are that family.They come by randomly and get a drink or take Mike on splits with them. One night when Mike had gone out with them,I was talking a shower with both kids,Presley is screaming and Rocco is yelling at her to stop, and it was just kinda crazy.I hear a knock on the bathroom window, and immediately I got scared,what the heck is someone knocking on my window for,I decided to ignore it and brush it off and hope they went away. This was not the case,another knock!what the heck !I get out of the shower, dripping wet, and go to the window to see what is going on.The window is frosted, so I cant see anything,I then hear Mike yelling " unlock the door, what the heck!".So I grab Presley, with a towel loosly drapped on her, and me, still dripping.As I was going to the door I remembered that the top lock was latched, which can only be unlocked from the inside, and that is why Mike couldn't get in. So I approach the door in my naked glory, and too my surprise, looking at me through the glass front doors, was none other than............You guessed , the MISSIONARIES!!!!I quickly hid myself from plain view,unlock the latch and yell in a totally embarrsed,timid voice "hold on a second".I scurry off to the bathroom to continue my shower, thinking to myself, Of all people to see you naked,men who can't even hug girls.Did this really just happen!After a few seconds Mike comes in to say,why was the door locked? I then begin to rant and rave,"why didn't you tell me you had the missionaries with you, that would've been helpful information."This is the response I got back,"Well you could've asked,I didn't know what you were doing,for all I knew you were bathing the kids in the tub"
So, there are 2 morals to this story
1.If you are in the shower,and there is a knock at your window and you know your husband is the one that needs to be let in,always assume the missonaries are with him, and dress appropriately for the occasion.Because this is the first thought that comes to your head,right?
2.I now know why, the missonaries love coming to our house!

Monday, August 4, 2008

weight loss challenge

So I know all you mothers out there can relate to how I am feeling, but do ever look at yourself in the mirror and wonder"what the heck happened to my body!"I feel when I am nursing that it is really hard for me to loose weight. I guess my body still thinks I am pregnant and holds onto some lbs, just for the fun of it. I have 9 days till I am done and I can't wait to see if this is really the case.I secretly hope I will wake up the next morning after the last time I nurse Presley, and I will magically shed some pounds.I don't know how to switch her over to milk,I give it to her and she spits it out,any suggestions are welcome. Anyway,so I am sick of hating my body and being that girl that gained weight after high school. So a couple of months ago at our ward auction ,I won a 30 day pass to the gym.I have been holding off on using it till I was done nursing and now the time has come! I started today,a new me, a better way of life. I want to feel healthy and I want to feel good and look good. I want this for me, and I really want to fit in my favorite pair of grey chino pants from Jay Crew.I did it once I can do it again. So, I decided if I blogged about it, I would hold myself more accountable. I will post my weekly weight loss and can use all the healthy recipes anyone wants to reccomend. My goal is to loose at least 15pounds by the end of september hopefully more so that we can take family pictures and I won't sit and say ooh yuck I look fat, I know that is so annoying to hear that, that's why I don't want to say it anymore. After my 30 days at the gym, I'll be on my own to doing it at home. Paying for a membership and 2 kids in the child care is crazy expensive. So here i go!!!!!

I know it's been a long time since my last post,but we've been having too much fun to sit down and blog. We just got from Mesa, and had a blast.We went to go see baby Easton, and boy he is so precious,to hold him and to smell him, was the greatest,Alli is doing a great job and has really been wonderful during all the challenges of recovery, and trying to figure out how to tend to this new life.Nursing is so hard at first and she stuck it out and is truly becoming a pro.We miss him already.Rocco loved holding him and is really gentle with him.He wasn't as interested with Presley a year ago,when she was born,he is growing an maturing.He sometimes rolls his blankie up and pats it and says shhh shhh.They change so much and so fast. We threw a little party for the kids while we there and the kids loved it. My family is so sweet and really out did themselves with all the goodies they got them.Thankyou everybody for loving my kids and all the presents.
While I was gone Mike went and got us a couch,it was for the office,it pulls out into a bed and will be used for a guest bed.I really need to give the office a splash of color because it is so boring. I need some suggestions.I was thinking lime green, but I don't want it to feel to modern in here. I want it cozy,and fresh,but I don't know what to do. Here is a pic of the couch and below it is a pic of the how the couch can be changed. It is pretty cool and versatile

This cute shirt is from Auntie Kittie, she looked so cute today and I didn't want to change her into her jammies ,because she was so darling.Thankyou Niki, we thought we would model it for you