Monday, July 21, 2008

gramps 80th b-day

this past weekend we went up to Utah to celebrate Mike's Grandpas 80th birthday. We got together with all the family and went camping up in the mountains. We had a great time and we were able to honor Gramps, he is so amazing, I have never met a man that is old in years, but you would never know by the way he acted. He dosen't hardly sit during the day, he is active and is willing to help whenever anyone asks. We have called upon him many times and without hesitation he is here to help. He still gets on the floor and plays with the kids and he is so loving.With both Mike and I having our dads pass away, it is nice that my kids still have a great grandpa that is agile and wants to play.

Grams and gramps

Mike and his brother had on similar outfits, so it was definately a photo op

It hailed on the 2nd day we were there and it looked like snow

Mike told me that since we were campng,it would be dumb if I got all done up, so this is the result.I took Presley on a quad ride, and this her big green head.She was a little heavy in the head and her head kept drooping,she loved it!

I might not get done up, but who says your kids can't look cute in the mountains. I got some greif about all her different headbands, since everyone was making a big deal about it I was more motivated to keep them on her.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, today I am a new auntie, Little Easton Jake Heywood was born Aug 11th, 8lbs 9oz
After 20 hrs of laboring, pushing for an hour, using the bar, squating, 4 people pushing on her, Easton was born by c-section, very healthy and chubby.My heart aches for my little sister havng to go through so much pain, she tried so hard to get him out, but he was just to big for her little body.I was talking with my mom this morning and I just started to cry, because I love Alli so much and I am protective over her. I want her to be safe and not be in pain, so I am having some emotions I didn't think I would.If I feel this about my sister, I can't imagine the day Presley will have her own kids,how will want to take the pain for her. I wish ,I could be there to hold this little angel and be near the one that was just the nearest to my daddy.I miss my family so much and my heart aches because I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. I got a pic of Easton on my phone, but I don't know how to get it off so pictures will be coming soon. Alli, great job, the process was so hard, but look at what you made.can't wait to see you.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

shoes shoes shoes

so, i can't resist a tiny pair of shoes. Rocs needed some new Sunday shoes so I went on the prowl. Nothing good at any of the stores, so I went to the web. Childrens Place has the cutest shoes, and they are always on clearence. I have shopped online a few times and always have sucess with their shoes,all these shoes were only 4.99, except the loafers, 12.00. So if you want some cute kids shoes, go to the web.

july 4th

For the 4th we decided to have our own fireworks show, it was surprisingly fun, we entertained the neighbors and had a good show for 20 bucks worth of fireworks.
Presley missed the show, and well Rocs, see for yourself

He stayed inside the whole time and cried"no fireworks" he woke up the next moring still talking about it, maybe next year we'll have better luck

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Babies

Do, you ever have those days when you just feel bugged, tired,cranky and a case of the blahs. Well that was my day today. It seemed to go on and on and I couldn't shake it.Now that the days is over and the kids are sleeping, I can finally breathe.I love being a mom and having ny babies. Today was a the one of the first times Rocco and Presley played together. He would throw the ball to her and she would crawl so fast to get it.She would finally reach it and throw it back, it wouldn't go far but it was the fact that she tried that made her so pleased with herself. Rocco loved it and Presley was Laughing and having a blast. This is why you have more than one child, because they have fun with each other and they aare friends

Also, I have mastered the task of putting Presley to sleep, awake and she falls asleep on her own, and not even crying. I never thought that would happen to me,I always rocked my babies to sleep, gently put them in their bed, hoping to do so smoothly enough not to disturb their slumber, just to have them wake up 3 hours later wondering why they weren't in my arms anymore. This lead to Rocco's sleep troubles that have taken me well into his 2 years of life to correct. So, I guess today should've been a good with all things considering. I took some sweet pics of the kids but they are kind of dark so you may have to use your imagination.