Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look Ma , no hands!!!

these toothbrushes have suction things on the bottom of them and i was having the kids brush their teeth while in the shower. Rocco puts it on the wall and tell me to look

I was crackin up, hes so innovative. and of course Pres had to get in on the action too when i yelled for Mike to see what rocs had come up with.

Arent they funny!

Friday, April 16, 2010

so we are stepping back in time,a blast from the past. Lexi put me, i mean all of us up to this challenge. check out the rules of the game here.
I ve only been graduated for 10 years now, but my o my how times have changed. When I wore these outfits I was in style and this is what everyone was wearing. I guess that fashion has turned a different direction, which is probably for the better!

I guess that holding onto their ties made this a little"daring"

Yes I have babies breath in my hair, not sure why, but it's there

This hairdo looked better in my head, by the time it was done there wasnt enough time to fix it,
"Note to self, when hair is that short, please don't do shirley temple curls, especially when you are 17"

I received a lot of slack from this picture. Everybody teased me, because I was grabbing his pecks, but I really wasnt trying to make it that way, where else was I supposed to grab?

What were we thinking?

cowabunga dude