Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lost and Lonely

Dear Mandi,
I feel lost and lonely. You say you will be better to me but I am beginning to feel that our relationship has grown cold. I miss the times you used me to keep everyone updated, gracing my wonderful body with words and visual stimulation. If you no longer yearn to spend time with me, let me go. I await your response on the status of our relationship.
Your blog

Sunday, June 5, 2011

a girl after my own heart!!!

So artichokes have always been quite the delicacy for the Crum family! We would get so excited to have them in the summer months, salty butter dripping down your chin, mmmm there is nothing better. Now as a Collins, I realized Mike had the some fond memories of the delicious chokes, thus a tradition was recreated and kept in my own home. A couple weeks ago we had some and the kids wanted to taste, and I will have to say, I didnt share willingly! These are precious and all the little bites to get to the glorious heart, brings out the selfish side in me! However, I spared a few leaves and then they decided they liked them! So yesterday when we were grocery shopping the kids said we should get some, so I bought 4, one for each of us. When I cooked them up today Rocs decided he didnt want his, at first I thought what a waste, but then Mike and I thought, More for us!!!! Presley loved hers , but when it came time to the heart, she was done. Yippe I was in luck, Mike ate Roccos and I got Presleys heart! It was heaven, 2 hearts in one sitting, a dream come true!! I think from now on the kids will always get"their own chokes".