Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I know it has been an eternity,but I've been MIA and having technical difficulties.
Lots has been happenig around here. I feel like I haven't posted in forever and We have had busy couple of months.
I had a birthday in April, I turned 27,and I'm feeling old.I am closer to 30 than 20 and I don't like the sounds of that. I feel like I still just got married and just graduated high school. I never pictured myself in my thrities and it is quite scary.We had a guest speaker in young womens on Sunday and she was s bubbly sweet 21 year old and the girls were so excited to talk to her and they visited with her in the hall afterwards. I then felt really old. I am always the youngest of the group and I love it cause,I feel like I can relate,with the young women,well I guess I am reaching up with the older women. Too bad we can't turn back time. I just get better as i get older,right?

May involved lots of traveling. I went to Mesa for a week to see Lexi graduate. And I am never , dissapointed with endless hours of fun and spending time with so many of my favorite people. We shopped ,went out to eat,hung out,cleaned closets,got some hand me downs out of it, and the main attraction,was Lexi's graduation. This was such a bitter sweet thing for me, I am so proud of her and she is so amazing, but I feel like I've been gone for most of her high school life, that it is strange that she is done now,where did it all go? I can't believe my mom has no more kids in high school. I just can't wait for her to enjoy her time now. It is exciting and she will experience the best times of her life.
After, I returned home from Mesa ,we kept our bags packed ,because we were headed out for another week on our family vacation to Lopez Lake,Ca. We packed up our trailer for some fun times camping and enjoying ourselves. The weather was colder than expected and I was, well, not prepared for that. I didn't pack for the occasion and being the end of May, no one had any sweaters to buy,so the kids wore the same dirty sweater for a couple of days. We had a great time! We stayed up late,woke up late,rode bikes,went fishing,went to the beach,saw a movie,enjoyed camp fires. All in all we had a wondeful time.I feel like the kids are getting old enough now to enjoy things and it not be so difficult and so hard to travel.
When we arrived home from this trip,in the mail waiting for us was a wedding invitation. From a friend of Mikes. We really needed to dress for the occassion,so this past week has been filled with shopping for the right outfits and making sure we had a babysitter,lined up for a 12 hour day,which is the longest time I have ever left the kids. We had a delightful time at the wedding,we looked great,we had a nice meal,we danced together,we were in love!It was in a Cathloic church ,it was ornate with beautiful wood and stained glass,they had a latin mass after the wedding ceremony,which was interesting to see . We enjoyed our time as a couple and I feel rejuvenated I missed my kids. It was fun to see them the next moring after they woke up. I went to get Presley and she held onto to my neck so tight,but she wouldn't look at me. She missed me ,but wanted me to know that she was mad.
Now we are into a new month and things are going good around here.
I promise to blog more,because we have a new camera(yeah!) so I should have fun things to talk about. But,I know you wondering where are all the pictures of the adventures we have been having,here is where comes the technical difficulties come into play. I start the process of uploading the pics and it goes to the screen where it says loading,and then it flashes the page,web page cannot be displayed,which is odd cause the internet is still working. Anyone know what is wrong?Hopefully pictures will be in the near future.
It's good to be back!


Tara said...

Sorry can't help you with the technical difficulties...But what great pics! Pres looks so grown up I cannot believe it, the one of her on the swing where she is showing off her teeth is sooo cute. Its funny that you said you didn't have enough clothes for the trip, because the whole time I was thinking I like Rocco's sweater. At least you packed a cute one!

Isn't it weird growing up? Adults. It's so strange! I feel in limbo all the time. Like where do I belong in the mix of things? I'll never forget my mom looking in the mirror one day a few years ago, staring at her face and saying, "this is my face? Oh, this is my face." It was so funny and that is when I realized even older people feel like they shouldn't be old. Ha.

Love you guys and please keep the posts coming!

Todd and Jacy Skouson said...

I glad you had some fun adventures. And it's good that you and Mike got to have a nice date too. The kids are growing up- as cute as ever. That's cute that Presley held our neck so tight. I love and miss you all.

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

lots of fun times for sure.

we're ready for you to come back home.

we miss you.

Badillo Family said...

loved the update! The pictures are so cute! love them. Glad you got a new camera so you can post more pics. However, lucky me I get to see you pretty regularly. :)

Clarissa Wilstead said...

you are young, and hot! I love yah