Tuesday, June 29, 2010

well I finally figured ho to get my pictures up.... it wasn't the computer , it was the operator. I can only upload 4 pics at a time and not 5 lke i was trying to. so anyway, here's lots of pictures of the fun time we had on our vacation.

ths has nothing to do with the vacay, it is just a sweet picture

the was the 2nd day at yosemite , rocs had conquered the rock

brother sister love!

there was this weird place on our hike that had all these little rock towers everywhere, it was very strange, Ím talking like hundreds of them . bigger rock on the bottom going to small', who has the time?

They are being statues, couldn't you tell?

The water was flowing, we went at a great time of year, the snow was all melted and the river was high and the waterfalls were plentiful. It was stunning!

There was about 8 falls flowing

Come august, there is only about 2 that flow

My sweet family!

This was called tunnel view, you drive out from this long tunnel and this is the view you are greeted with!!! The angels are singing!

See the water! months from now, you will be able to walk right under that bridge

First eaing out in Frisco! China town

You make rocs happy if you get him orange chicken

Alcatraz, it was super cool and so interesting, one of the former inmates was there signing books, that was weird to know that all of that didn't happen that long ago. I think this is a must see if you go there

Aquarium, Presley is listening to the guide, she got to feed the starfish lunch, she loved it!

He's a ladies man!!!!

from their view, I thought their world looks a little different then mine

The 7 sisters, Whatever happen to perdictability, the milk man the paper boy, evenin TV. I hope thats the words, but nonethe less, you all know what this is

Golden gate bridge. We took the double decker bus there and we rode on top and man , by the time you reach the bridge, it is freezin, but beautiful

All the sea lions on Pier 39

On the trolley!, we took these everywhere, and they dont wait for you, they have places to be, and the kids loved them. By the end of our trip, mike could navigate us everywhere, he is a good man to have around.!!!!!

double trouble

this was our last night there. we had an amazing time and I would do both places again in a heart beat! Iwas so impressed with my kids,they were troopers and they had a great time too. We made some good memories


Lindsay Jones said...

looks like so much fun!! I wish we could just stay on vacation forever and never have to live in real life! We love you!

Kristen said...

It looks the kids have so much fun! Brody's looking at these pics with me and when I scrolled to the last one he said, "Woah...Rocco's dad looks cool!" It was awesome!

☂niki said...

looks like a splendid trip indeed! man i miss you guys! i love the full house lines...

Tara said...

Oh my goodness, what a fun family trip! Wes and I just love San Fran! I can't get over how big Rocs and Pres look! I was pretty much dying. But, I still think Presley has cuter clothes than Scarlet! I reinvited you just now, let me know if it worked or not...Love ya!

Jay, Sarah, Noah, & Nate said...

looks like a great time! i LOVE the full house pic! ps: you make the cutest kids!

Alli said...

i'm so jealous! I want to go to san fran! I have only been once but I LOVED it! It is so amazing all the old buildings they have so much character! You have the right words for full house. Man what a great show!! They play re-runs all the time and i still watch it! haha too bad they are really sooo cheesy they same music plays when Dj or stephanie or Michelle are learning a serious life lesson from Danny, Uncle Jessie or even Joey. hahaha you see I have seen too many episodes. Good memories though. Alcatraz is so cool I only went around it and it is kinda creepy. So I can only imagine look around on it. In one of the pictures i saw alot of mom in pres! She is too big! I miss you guys and CAN"T wait to see you!

Todd and Jacy Skouson said...

WOW! what a fun family trip! Rocco and Pres need to slow down- they're growing up to fast! :) So dang cute too! Can't wait to see ya in 13 days! Love ya!

Kristy Treible said...

How fun Mandi! Great Pics! Can't wait to see your face!!

Mike and Shan said...

I haven't been there in forever, how fun!! I LOVE your pictures, how beautiful!!

Janae ~ Life Under Construction said...

Important question...
What do starfish eat????

Glad you guys had a fun vacation... sorry it had to end :(

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