Sunday, February 8, 2009

My divine Role

Today our lesson was about having good skills and most importantly, cherishing our role as a mother. I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom. It is by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I love waking up to ,my babies every day and they always wake up with a smile.They love you in spite of all your weaknesses and to them, they know no weakness. My children are my joy and the reason I have so much happiness in my life.
Rocco has this ritual,everytime we put him down for nap or bedtime,he is in his bed for only a few seconds, comes out and Says"rub my back". When you go in there and put him back under the covers,we rub his back and then he rolls over and lifts his shirt for his tummy to be rubbed.If your hands are cold he asks to be rubbed on top of his shirt. If your lucky he then asks for you to sing "twinke star". Well he sometimes he will wake up at 2am and need the same ritual done. To be woken up out of a deep sleep and be asked to sing"twinkle star"it can be difficult.Sometimes I get frustrated and just try to convince him to go back to bed. Well,just today he does this when it is nap time and I said"rocs,just go to sleep ,you are a big boy" Mike say what does it matter, in just a few years you will be wishing he would ask you this. I just said the same thing to my sisters,I don't want this to bug me,I want to cherish it. I want to keep him little forever,I want to scoop him in my arms and just squeeze him and he giggle cause it is so fun. Soon, he will be silly when I want a kiss, because he is big.
I vow today, to be happy to rub that little back and tummy and sing "twinkle star" when the time arises.

I am so happy I married this man,so I had the opportunity to become a mother
Families can be together forever

Smiles for days

Fun times from the simpliest of things


Kristy said...

Being a mommy is a divine role and also very hard and rewarding at the same time. What would we do without kids? My life would be so boring! I was so happy to see you and I hope you post a picture of Presley in her Tutu. I love the picture of you and Mike. I hope you have that one in your room next to your bed, if not you should!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

I gave the same lesson today. I cried when I talked about fulfilling my divine role and being so excited to live up to my potential of being a mother. You have some of the sweetest kids I know. You sure are lucky to get to sing twinkle star every night!

Jill said...


I feel the same way trying to cherish every moment! Sam loved his back rubbed too. Now he's gone from back rub to tickles every night before he goes to bed. Earlier today we jumped on the trampoline with blankets and pillows. It was cold. There is snow on the mts. so we'd bundle inside the three of us me, sam and lucy and laugh and laugh. Good times!

Mike and Shan said...

You are such a wonderful person, you are so good to stop and think about the great things you have in your life. You are such an example to me.
you reminded me of my sister in law. Some one asked her if she could have any career in the world what would it be. She said she was already doing what she had always wnated to be doing. The girl laughed at her and didn't believe it. I think it is great when people are proud to be a stay at home parent.

Liz said...

It's true, being a mom is very rewarding. I think it gets better everyday. It's amazing how much those smiles can change your attitude.

Grandmommy Crum said...

I love you!!! Being a mother is what I have always dreamed of for you, what a blessing!!! I remember when you were just a little girl, you would get in bed with Dad and I and you would want your leg tickled, you would lay on your back and all of a sudden your leg would go straight up in the air and then the tickling would begin! That seems like a life time ago! I love and adore you, thanks for being mine!! Love infinity xoxo

Lindsay Jones said...

Amen sista!! Being a mom is the best! I miss you! I love you!!

Alli said...

you are such a great mother! I know our dad looks down at you and is so proud! Those babies are so lucky to have you! I love you so much and I hope I can be a good mother like you someday!

Gail said...

You are such a great mother and truly understand your divine role! Thanks for being such a good example to me of what it really means to ENJOY this divine roll.
I can totally tell how much you love your job and it reminds me to be better and take more pride in my role as a mom and grandma:).