Sunday, May 9, 2010

ode to mother

Never did I know how much my mother loved me , till I became a mother myself
Motherhood is the most difficult, challenging, exhausting, job I have ever had, but it is the most rewarding, precious, priceless, amazing, experience I will ever have. Nothing is so pure than the love we as mothers have for our children.
Which brings me to understand how much my mom loves me. And i too love her more so much.
Mom, I love you , you are such a great example to me. You have been through so much and i stand amazed at the strength you do it all with, most would put there head in the sand , but you have stayed strong, with your head held high, holding strong to the gospel. I gained my testimony at a young age, because you taught all us girls how to live the gospel. You were so fun to be with when we were young teenagers , always having a home atmosphere for us to bring our friends too, that they truly enjoyed being around. Still to this very day our friends come over to talk to you, even if none of us are there.
As I am a mother now, I truly understand how hard you worked to keep us happy and healthy. It is tireless work and you did and are doing it daily with such wonder. I cherish our time together when I get to come home and I love to talk to you on the phone daily. Our relationship now that I am a grown adult and mother is precious to me. I truly truly enjoy you and my sisters company . I dont love you just because we are family, I love you because you are beautiful, patient, understanding, a counselor, wise, a good listener, funny, silly, u can make any situation fun, you can make up the best names for everything, give the greatest advice, non-judgmental. I love you , because you are you and we are an eternal family. Thankyou thankyou.

Without you, I wouldnt have these kiddos, that are the light of my life.I love being a mother!!!


Kristy Treible said...

so sweet Mandi! I love the pic of your sweet adorable kids!

mrsjohn said...

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Lindsay Jones said...

I didn't want to read this because I didn't want to cry. You are a beautiful example of what a mother should be, and we are lucky to have learned from the best. I love our mom and I love you!

Gail said...

Beautiful thoughts Mandi! I love your mom too and she IS a great example of motherhood! This is such a sweet post and no one deserves it more:). Nothing is more difficult, yet more rewarding that being a mother.

Itsagirlsworld said...

Love your post Mandi! You are just like your mom and that is the best compliment a girl could want. Funny thing.... I just had a dream about you last night . Ok so maybe creepy to you sorry. You were at my house getting some help sewing something. Ha Ha how random was that. Love You! Melia