Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let me all share my love for this wonderful store! For 2 years I did not have a Target close to me, so I went on my trips when I was in Mesa, which was nice , but didn't fill my need for the weekly or tri-weekly visits. So now that I have one at my disposal I want to share my love.

1. The feeling I get when I am in there, the lighting makes a difference,way better than Walmart

2. The Market Pantry, same quality as name brand minus the price.

3. The dollar section, gota love it.I find things that I don't need but it's cheap why not?

4. The decor is always nice, yes it can still be pricey, but designer looks,not designer prices

5. The food court, chicken strips and a drink for$2.00, and it's good!

6. I think my kids like it, Rocco loves to go and have lunch there, we cant walk out without siting on the swirly chairs.

7. My kids dress cute due to Target

I love Target and I missed it so, and I'm happy we have been reunited


Lindsay Jones said...

Oh sister how we love target! If you ask Livvy what her favorite store is, Target is likely to be her answer. I am so glad you don't live in poopmohave anymore, so you can enjoy Target when ever you want.

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

I too love Target! I get in trouble in the dollar section sometimes, but most the time, i find my most valued items in that litle dollar section. Like the adorable little onesie i got for alli that has a green toad on it and says "toadally awesome" and my cute, comfy sox that never fail me!

Stephanie Bodine said...

Hey Mandi! This is Steph (Zobell) Bodine. I was bloggin today and found your cute blog. Just wanted to say hi.... Your kids are the cutest. It looks like you are really enjoying Bakersfield.

Clarissa Wilstead said...

you crack me up!

t-sha said...

The funny thing is that I can totally picture your perma grin while humming a nice tune shopping at Target!!! One bonus for Bakersfield, besides all the cool friends you have :-)

Mike and Shan said...

Target is here!! Come back!!!

Anniebanannie said...

Hey Mandi! It's Anne...found your blog. You're hilarious. I am also a Target fan which is an understatement. I really don't shop many other places. If it's not at Target, I must not need it.

Bret&Amberly said...

Hi Mandi
We miss you, and love Target too. I have always said we can't move anywhere unless Target is within 10 minutes.