Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Past

I'll have to admit, I feel as though I have given Birth and the post partum is setting. I feel sad that Christmas is over. I love the feeling in the air,the music, the goodies,and everything about the holidays. I love the kids being excited and me being excited for them and then just like THAT! it's over.I have to take down the tree and the music is off the radio every day, I feel a little depressed. Being away from my family this Christmas was a little foreign,No noise ,well more than we usually have,is what I missed,but it was still lovely. I tried to recreate the Christmas eve dinner that I was used to, shrimp cocktail,cheesy potatoes, salad with homemade ranch, and a lovely cut of meat, followed by a delicious peach cobbler. It was divine and we ate and ate and I am still eating. I gotta get back on track.
Christmas morning was fun and the kids loved ripping open there parcels to find some goodies
Presley couldn't quite rip the paper , so she would grunt and hand it to me to get it started. She was a joy and rocco didn't care what was inside ,he just wanted another one to open.
I sent Mike on a wild goose chase to find his collection of cds he was so badly wanting,he didn't think it was as funny as I did.
We ended our night with a trip to the cinema to see Deperaux,of which I can't say if it was good or not beacuse, Pres wasn't very interested, so we were in the halls playing and people watching.
All though I am a little blue,Christmas was lovely and I am so grateful for all those who love us and our kids and spoil us so much. Thankyou everyone for making our holidays so special.Muuuuah!!!!

Christmas morning!We got to sleep until 8:30,Iknow this won't last but, It felt great
This is my centerpiece I made, I got some flowers at Costco and I tried to create, and this is the creation!

This toy car from grandma Collins is a hit,they love pushing eachother!

Pres loves slippers,so Santa brought her some Elmo ones

Mimi got this art set for Rocs and he was trying to show it off

Mike and Rocco are off to the cabin for a few days and Presley and I are having girl time till Wednesday, anyone who wants to play,I'm up for it. I am hoping to get some projects done and have Christmas put away,we will see how proactive I am.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time Out!

This is not part of my post,but I had to include,because how could you resist this face,she has quite a personality

The other night Mike and Rocco were having a pillow fight.They were having a great time and laughing until.... Mike hit our picture on the table and knocked it off. Rocco gasped and said"Daddy that fragile(yes he said fragile,I say that often so he picked it up) you naughty."So we proceeded to put Daddy in time out. Much to his dismay,I caught it all on film

I was cracking up,everything I told Rocco to say, he did. "Look at my eyes,what do you need to say? and so on". We told him he needed to stay there for a minute of every year of life. Um... he'll be there a while.

He had to put his face in the corner and then had to kiss Rocco and say sorry for his behavior.
Mike ended up being good and getting out early,because he would have been there for 31 minutes,because he just had a birthday. He is ofically in his early thirties. He his such a good man and Father. I hope he knows how much we love him and hope he felt special on his day. Love ya Honey!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life sure gets crazy around the holidays,but this is what we have been up to.

Our tree has been decorated since Thanksgiving and the kids love it. Their little eyes light up at all the bulbs and sparkle,and it makes the holidays that much more fun.
In our first year of marriage,we bought as a cheapy tree at Walmart,$25, it is a 6 footer,so on the small side. I thought maybe later we would get a bigger tree, well later has come and gone and I still have a 6 footer. I have made do though and have made a box with a shelf in the middle of the box, for the tree to stand on. It raises the tree at least a foot and I got to decorate the box, like a present. I love it! I had it made 2 years ago, and this is my first year actually using,because of moving and whatever else.

Last night was the ward party, Rocco threw up there, so we quickly left. He looked so miserable,I feel so bad. On the way home he told me" I throw up on my sweater, in my mouth, and on my sweater, mama."

This is Prelsey the day of her surgry. She did really well. The Dr. put 2 tubes in each ear and then removed her adnoids. Ever since the surgery she has done great. This morning she woke up with green bugers, so I will cross my fingers that all goes well.

I put her little hair in piggytails. I thought it looked so cute with some little blue bows, however we went out to eat and the server asked, what do the boys want for dinner, for real people!,does she look like a boy with hoops in her ears, and when they took her back for surgery, they said oh he'll be just fine. She had pink on a and a kitty on her jammies. Here bows are what give her , her gender I guess. Both times she was mistaken for a boy she didn't have a bow. I can't wait for her hair to grow in.