Monday, August 4, 2008

I know it's been a long time since my last post,but we've been having too much fun to sit down and blog. We just got from Mesa, and had a blast.We went to go see baby Easton, and boy he is so precious,to hold him and to smell him, was the greatest,Alli is doing a great job and has really been wonderful during all the challenges of recovery, and trying to figure out how to tend to this new life.Nursing is so hard at first and she stuck it out and is truly becoming a pro.We miss him already.Rocco loved holding him and is really gentle with him.He wasn't as interested with Presley a year ago,when she was born,he is growing an maturing.He sometimes rolls his blankie up and pats it and says shhh shhh.They change so much and so fast. We threw a little party for the kids while we there and the kids loved it. My family is so sweet and really out did themselves with all the goodies they got them.Thankyou everybody for loving my kids and all the presents.
While I was gone Mike went and got us a couch,it was for the office,it pulls out into a bed and will be used for a guest bed.I really need to give the office a splash of color because it is so boring. I need some suggestions.I was thinking lime green, but I don't want it to feel to modern in here. I want it cozy,and fresh,but I don't know what to do. Here is a pic of the couch and below it is a pic of the how the couch can be changed. It is pretty cool and versatile

This cute shirt is from Auntie Kittie, she looked so cute today and I didn't want to change her into her jammies ,because she was so darling.Thankyou Niki, we thought we would model it for you


Kristen said...

It was so fun having you down. I was bummed we missed Roccos party. Brodes would of had fun! I cant see the additional pics of the couch but u could put a warm color on the wall and use lime green pillows/accents... i dont know

Mike and Shan said...

I love the silly face!!

Kristen has a good idea, with the colors.

If you are worried about the lime green being to bold, go with a sage green, and mabe chocolate brown to warm it up.

Good luck!!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

That's a really cute girl in a really cute shirt! I'm having withdrawls from you guys! Presley and Rocco were so much fun this visit! Funnest they have been thus far! I'm already getting anxious for your next visit! Make it soon! Love you guys! Glad you love the shirt!

Team Handy said...

Get a Wii Fit. I know it's a lot of money at first, but then you have it and don't have to pay anythig else. Mark and I play after the kids go to bed, and it is a real workout! I have lost four lbs. already and It's only been two weeks! I look foward to doing it after the kids go back to school so I can workout in the mornings.

Heywood Lovin said...

We miss you guys already! I think its time for you to come back! :) Presley looks so cute, like always! I love those big blue eyes!