Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Doesn't it warm your heart to see a man with his kids. Nothing warms my heart more to see the love of a father for his children. Mike portrays this to the "t" he loves his kids so much and I am so grareful for that. When he comes home from work Rocco runs to door with open arms and shouts"Daddy home". He poops on the potty and says"daddy be so happy", he copies every thing his daddy does. I get a tender love swat on the bum from Mike, and Rocs runs over and gives me a good hit. Mike says "Oh snap" when things don't go right, and now Rocco says it. He loves his Daddy so much. Presley is definately a mamas girl, but if there is one person she will go to, it is her Daddy. She kicks her legs when she sees him and gives him the most adoring smile. She loves her Daddy. And I love you Mike for being their Daddy. you are so sweet and I love that you love our kids so much. Thankyou for working so hard so that I can stay home and providing a nice home for us to live in. You are extraordinary. I love you


Mike and Shan said...

Cute picture of the 3 of them!! Doesn't it make you want to cry when you think of how we are so blessed to be matched with someone that is so perfect for each of us!!

Heywood Lovin said...

When I was talking to Rocco on the phone yesterday I tried to get him to say "oh snap" but he wasn't interested. But he did tell me he was a good boy and goes poo poo on the potty.:)He is so cute and getting so big! I was so bummed that I had to stay home and not get to visit you! I really wanted to come. But I was there in spirit! I would much rather be in Cali than yucky az sweating my brains out! I love you so much and am so glad we are sisters! You are always there for me and are such a great listener! I am warning you now I will probably be calling you in the middle of the night crying because the whole breast feeding isn't working out. But I know you are pro and will help me through it! so I apologize now for waking you up.:) Love you!!