Saturday, June 21, 2008

summer time fun

So, this past week we decided to pack up the trailer and head to Newport Beach, we had a great time and loved seeing all the beautiful sights. I'll tell you one thing, that is an extremely wealthy area, Aston Martin ,Rolls Royce, Ferrari, dealarships on the corners. I guess you only have those kind of cars if the area demands it, and you only buy those cars if you have money. Not to mention you can buy your yatch while you are ther too.

Our humble abode, we stayed at the Newport Dunes, it claims it is the Ritz of rv parks, but I beg to differ.
The rv park was on the back bay, it did have some fun things, like movies in the sand and a trampoline in the water,but it came with a price
Rocco loves to chase birds, especially on the beach. He would run run run and then fall down and check to see if the sunbathing sweeties were checking him out. They were and he put on quite a show for them.
There was a fun little playground, Presley thinks she is big, she loves to do what Rocs is doing
You can't go the beach without covering someone up, He thought this was so cool and loved when his little toe would peek out.
Yes, we failed in getting family pictures, we are terrible at this, it is my goal this year to get some done. And who wants themselves looking like a lobster on camera. I got so sunburned, I do it every time, and say next time I'll be better, but I fail. Now I am peeling like crazy and rocco like to help me pick it off. Where did he learn this from? All in all we had a great time ,we went to a baseball game, went swimming, saw movies and just enjoyed being with eachother, and ate some yummy food to.


Heywood Lovin said...

That looks like it was so much fun! I love that picture of Presley, she is so dang cute with her little teeth ha ha I love it! And of course Rocco loves to pick the skin, he is your son. You have taught him well. I miss you guys and wish I could have come to visit! But July will be here so soon and Im looking forward to you coming!!! Love ya!

Mike and Shan said...

That looks like a blast!! Doesn't it feel great to get out of town!!! The kids look adorable!!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

haha...i'm just imagining rocco fake falling for the sweeties! that's awesome!

Kristen said...

Where in the world would your son get his love of peeling skin?? Presley looks so big on the playground. Isnt it nice to get away?...I wouldnt know!